Get Out the Vote on August 5

This one goes out to all my fellow Missourians.  We have a primary election coming up next Tuesday, August 5.  It’s easy to let these things slip by, but there are two amendments that caught my attention in this election, one on farming/agriculture and the other on transportation.

Amendment 1 — Why I’m Voting NO
Described by proponents as a simple, innocent “right to farm” bill, this amendment would hurt small farmers and local agriculture by turning over farmland to agribusiness, including foreign corporations.

If you care about local food systems, sustainable growing practices, and/or small farmers, read more here and vote NO to Amendment 1 on August 5.*

Amendment 7 — Why I’m Voting NO
Amendment 7 proposes a statewide sales tax to fund transportation projects.  While I agree we may need some new tax revenue to pay for the upkeep of our roads, a blanket sales tax is not the way to do it:

Those who benefit the least from Amendment 7, people of modest incomes who do less driving and pay a disproportionate share of their incomes toward sales tax, will bear the greatest burden of this regressive tax. (source)

It would make far more sense, and be more equitable, to pay for these expenses with a tax on gasoline (i.e., a use tax), but this amendment actually prohibits a gas tax.  Read more here, spread the word, and VOTE!

*This also made the Huffington Post, from a Humane Society perspective.