Can you hear me screaming through the computer?  It just might be possible.  I am far past the point of writing little poems about this situation.  I have moved on to writing irate emails to anyone and everyone possibly involved in the idiocy and incompetence that is the  new pedestrian/bicyclist underpass new mud swamp to the park.

I am tired of cyclists and pedestrians getting the shaft while priority is given to motorists.  Why do I have to ride my bike through a swamp on my way to work?

Oh, because, “The construction activity near the tunnel is not yet complete. The tunnel was opened for use, so that the former tunnel could be closed and roadway construction could continue on schedule.  There will be substantial improvements around the tunnel entrance areas as construction continues.”

Oh, good!  I have no safe, convenient alternative to the mud swamp for my daily commute, but roadway construction, that will continue on schedule.

The only way to appease my wrath, in addition to correcting this deplorable situation in a very timely manner, would be for someone involved in the planning of this project to come and lick, yes lick, the mud off of my bike.  Any takers?

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