If you’re not dead when you enter . . .

We recently attended a visitation at a funeral home in FAR AWAY (in this case, St. Charles).  My smoke alarm sounded immediately upon entering the funeral home.  My first reaction?  Denial: certainly they don’t allow smoking INSIDE this funeral home.

Sadly, I was dead wrong.  This particular establishment, did, indeed include a “lounge” area that allowed smoking.  I guess allowing smoking is a good business model for a funeral home.

Hello, people!  Last time I checked this was the 21st century.  We’ve received repeated warnings about the dangers of tobacco smoke for A LONG TIME.  Even the masterful marketing spin doctors have given up arguing that tobacco is not harmful and have moved on to creating doubt and skepticism about other things, like, oh, global warming/climate change/global weirding (whatever term floats your boat).  Not that I should be too shocked to find this here, as the St. Louis Airport still has indoor smoking lounges.  Ah, life in the Dark Ages.

Like so many other human behaviors and inventions, tobacco is not only bad for human health, it’s also bad for the environment. Chemicals used to grow tobacco poison the land and the tobacco workers; trees are destroyed to make and package cigarettes; butt litter pollutes land and waterways and kills animals.  Click here for more details about the environmental impacts of tobacco production and use.

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