Sucking it up

I don’t do heat well, so after surviving mid-90 degree bike commutes last Wednesday and Thursday, I wimped out and took the bus on Friday.  You can imagine my dismay Sunday night as I looked at the weather forecast for this week: 100 million degrees every day (and humid, don’t forget about that).

I like my bike commute because it means that I don’t have to think about fitting in exercise at some other point during the day.  And ever since I dropped my YMCA membership, biking is my main form of physical activity.  So, despite my total lack of excitement about the scorching heat, I was back on the bike this morning.  If I allow the heat to stop me, it looks like I would be biking again, in approximately . . . never.

One day down, four to go (or about 100 if you count the rest of the summer).

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