New kid in town

There’s a new farmer’s market in town, and I’m a big fan.  City Greens is based on a co-op model — those who can afford it pay for the membership, which subsidizes memberships for lower income members.  All members then have access to nutritious, locally grown food at wholesale prices.  And they accept food stamps.

I really appreciate this model and the affordable bounty.  Now that I am finished with graduate school and have a couple years with a full time job under my belt, I can stomach the regular farmer’s market prices, especially because I know how much better it is for consumers, farmers, and the environment.  However, a few years ago that definitely was not the case.  The price of local, organic food was a big barrier for me, despite a growing awareness of the issues.

City Greens combines affordability with education: nutrition information, cooking demonstrations, and reasons for eating locally.  I hope the model is sustainable and can be replicated across the country, because this is what we need.  If you want to talk health care reform, or climate bills, lets go to the root of the problem — how we eat!

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