No bananas for me

I stopped buying bananas over 7 months ago.  I have always loved banana bread (especially chocolate chip banana bread) but bananas do not grow here.  They do not grow anywhere near here, and thus have a large carbon footprint.  In fact, Barabara Kingsolver referred to bananas as “the Hummers” of the food world.  And I do not like Hummers one bit — shocker, I know.

In addition to the banana bread, I used to eat a banana pretty much every morning on my oatmeal.  Now I eat other fruit on my oatmeal, ideally local (like apples when in season).  For quick bread options, I have zucchini and pumpkin, which are both delicious.  Surprisingly, I miss bananas very little.

I know there are other foods I eat that also come from far away (ahem, chocolate), but this was my starting point, something glaringly obvious that I consumed every day.  Being green is a work in progress.


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