The month of July continued to be unseasonably cool right up until the end.  I did not feel at all sorry for the people who complained it was too cold to go to the pool.  The biking was wonderful.  August, however, has other ideas.

My bike to work yesterday was nice and cool, but by the time I headed home, the mercury had climbed to 91, with a heat index of 99.  To make it extra special, there was a 15-20mph wind from the south.  To get home, I have to go east and south.  By the time I approached the big uphill climb (into the wind), my energy was already flagging.

Before I get to climb the hill, I must cross two sets of train tracks which are less than a block apart from each other.  All of the roads that go OVER the train tracks are heavily trafficked and not very safe for biking, so bikers have to deal with the tracks and the trains.

Anyway, I was approaching the tracks, and lo and behold, a train starts on the far tracks.  Picture an industrial area with train tracks, some low warehouse type buildings, and nothing else.  Felt like 99 degrees and not a drop of shade to be found.  Is there no mercy?  No, apparently there is not.  The train alternated between moving slowly and not moving at all.  Finally, after 15 minutes that felt like an eternity in the hot scorching sun, contemplating how much I did not want to climb the hill on the other side of the tracks, the train passed and I continued on my way.

I biked into the back yard only to be confronted with our cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli seedlings who were enjoying the heat about as much as me.  Which is to say, not at all.  As soon as I got off my bike and leaned it against the building, I started emergency resuscitation measures of the seedlings.  I am happy to report that most of them survived the ordeal.

I am no too upset about the heat wave because I possess psychic capabilities, and I foresee that half of my August will be much cooler!

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