Calendar girl

Warning: This post contains extreme cuteness and a political cartoon.

UCS Aug09

The month of August in the 2009 Union of Concerned Scientists’ calendar on the wall in my office.



The month of August in the 2009 Defender’s of Wildlife calendar is an adorable wolf pup.  This is not the exact same image, but it should give you an idea of the extreme cuteness.  This is the calendar on the refrigerator in our apartment.  When I walk by the refrigerator, my husband has to listen to me say, “Oh, it’s sooooo cute.  Just the cutest little thing,” as I pet the picture.  I can hardly write this post because I am just so distracted looking at that cute little fur ball.


UCS image retrieved from:, by political cartoonist Justin Bilicki

Wolf pup image (cute!) from:

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