We now return to our regularly scheduled posting

Now that I’ve gotten all of the blogging about vacation out of my system, we can return to daily life.

Daily life returned in full force this past weekend with an exhausting barrage of gardening, attempted car sales, food preservation, and cooking.  The yield of our labors:

9 quart bags of green beans in the freezer
9 bags of basil (each with 4 packed cups) in the freezer
3 quart bags of shredded zucchini in the freezer
4 quarts of tomato sauce, each with ~1/2 cup of garlic, canned (started with 18 pounds of tomatoes)
1 big pot of vegetarian gumbo
2 loaves of zucchini bread
4 people who saw the car in the freezer
20 pounds of peaches purchased — waiting to be sliced, sugared, and frozen

This was our first attempt at canning, necessitated by our over-stuffed freezer.  All four jars sealed in the water bath, so I guess we did something correctly.  Extra canning jars in hand, we are now ready for future canning experiments.

The vegetarian gumbo, featuring almost all home-grown and local ingredients, came out pretty well.

And no, I do not really have the bodies of the people who came to see the car in the freezer.  That is not why the freezer is over-stuffed.  I promise.

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