Mission accomplished

We are now a one car couple!  We accepted an offer on Saturday, but the buyer was not able to make it official until last night, so I was holding my breath for four days, hoping it would go through.

Last night, after biking home from work, I put my bike on the car for the last time and drove out to my mother-in-law’s house (in the suburbs) to meet the buyer.  Title signed over, cashier’s check in hand, and carless, I celebrated the sale by biking the 10.5 miles back home.  (Full disclosure: My mother-in-law offered to give me a ride, but I declined.)  It was a nice night for biking, and I arrived home tired but happy that I had made it under my own power and avoided a car trip.

We looked the cashier’s check over last night, trying to make sure it had all of the security features it was supposed to have and was not a fraud.  We were a bit nervous because neither of us could see the darned watermark, but I called the issuing bank this morning and verified that it is, in fact, legit.

Now begins the one car experiment . . .

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