Bike dreams

I woke up the other morning with the feeling that I had just been having an interesting dream, but I could not remember anything about it.  I dismissed it, because you know how dreams are — the harder you try to remember, the more they slip away.

As I was biking to work a bit later, I heard a dog barking, which was all the trigger I needed for the dream to come flooding back to me:

There is a bike path through a park, or maybe a golf course, with a home close to the path.  The homeowners chained their large and energetic/aggressive (?) dog in the yard, but the chain was long enough that the dog could access the bike path.  I observed the dog chasing/jumping up on other users, but decided that I needed to use the path, as there was no other way to my destination.  I took my chances, and sure enough, the dog jumped up on me, jaws snapping, and tore a hole in my trusty sun shirt with his teeth.  At least there was not a hole in my arm!  I decided the best way to notify the owner was in person.

The owner comes outside and we talk in the yard.  I [somewhat angrily] recounted my encounter with his dog, and informed him that he needed to chain the dog so that it did not have access to the bike path, and furthermore, he owed me money to replace my shirt.

Fortunately, I have not had any bike-dog encounters outside of dreamland, but I’m sure this dream was in part fueled by the stretch I ride past the humane society, where volunteers are out walking dogs that sometimes lunge at passing bikers.  All I can say is, “You better be paying attention and holding that leash tightly because I don’t think attacking a biker will do much for that animal’s chance of adoption!”

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