Stop and stare

I have run out of fingers to count the number of awkward stop sign encounters (ASSEs) I have endured in the past week.  An ASSE occurs when I am approaching a 4-way stop, and a driver on the intersecting street has already come to a stop.  Clearly, he/she has the right-of-way, since I am still approaching.

Instead of continuing through the intersection, as would be appropriate and normal, the driver is overcome by great confusion: Is that an alien life form approaching?  What is that crazy, futuristic transportation device with two wheels and pedals?  I have never seen such a thing!  What should I do???  I think I will just sit here and watch it approach, thereby completely confusing the issue of who goes next.

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One Response to Stop and stare

  1. Gram Joan says:

    I have a suggestion; if you don’t find a job in your field, I highly recommend you take some time off, go back to school and enroll in a writing/journalism program. Your daily blogs are quite interesting and amusing at times.
    Think about it!!

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