At first it was thin and wispy . . .

On Wednesday, I rode to work wearing real gloves, not my fingerless biking gloves. The morning was just a bit nippy. As I topped the hill approaching the park, a foggy scene greeted me. No fog anywhere else, but the park was covered in it. I’m sure my husband would be more than happy to give you a detailed scientific explanation for this, with lots of details. Did I mention it would include science and details?

Lacking his scientific expertise, I debated whether or not to ride into the fog. Would I enter some strange alternate reality? Was it just harmless fog, or was it toxic, the result of an inversion, like in London in 1952? How was I to know? Throwing caution to the wind (or perhaps to the fog), I plunged into the abyss. I emerged on the other side of the park, with no ill effects, feeling warm enough to switch back to the bike gloves and unzip my jacket.

The transition was a bit abrupt, one week I’m biking in shorts, the next I’ve switched to capri exercise pants, but this fall weather makes for perfect biking.  I don’t mind the slightly chilly mornings, and the afternoons are glorious.  Welcome, autumn!

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