International flavors, locally

In case I failed to make it clear already, my husband and I really like to cook (and eat).  We spend a significant amount of our time in the kitchen.  When we are not cooking or eating, we are often thinking about what we will be cooking or eating next.  Some people make fun of me for this.  Here are some recent creations, including two experiments: Ethiopian and sushi.

  • Ethiopian vegetable dish with potatoes*, carrots*, green beans*, and onions**.  (Served on homemade injera, which is a work in progress.  My first attempt was in the “not edible” category, which, fortunately, is a rare occurrence.)
  • Baba ghanoush, a delicious Middle Eastern eggplant** dish, that was super easy to make
  • Green beans*, black beans**, and broccoli** in peanut sauce
  • Sushi with carrots*, green beans*, and avocado
  • Curry with sweet potatoes**, green beans*, potatoes*, yellow squash**, and eggplant**
  • Soba noodles with purple cabbage*, sweet potatoes**, green pepper*, broccoli**, and yellow squash**

* Food we grew.

** Food grown locally that we purchased from the farmer’s market or farmer.

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