Fall maintenance

Most people are aware that an oil change every “3 months or 3,000 miles” is overkill for today’s cars.  A quick glance in your owner’s manual will most likely reveal the manufacturer’s recommendation of every 5,000 miles or so.  We made the executive decision that if the mileage to an oil change could be extended, the time could be extended as well, to every 6 months.  (There are sources that back me up on this.)

When six months rolled around, we had not even hit 3,000 miles, much less 5,000 miles, so we let things slide.  Monday night, still under the 3,000 mile mark, but past the 6 month mark, we dropped the car off at the shop and jogged home.

But bikes need maintenance, too!  (Free tune-ups for the life of the bike are a major advantage of purchasing a brand new bike from a local bike shop.  This weighed heavily in my new vs. used debate.)  We managed to convince our bike shop, that, no, we cannot drop the bikes off and leave them there for A WEEK, we ride these bikes to work every day and is there any way you can get them done in a day or evening if we schedule it ahead of time?  Pretty please with a bike helmet on top?

Now both the bikes and the car are ready to roll.  We plan to do more rolling on the bikes than in the car in this beautiful fall weather!

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