Bottom of the barrel

Newsweek recently published this list, giving an environmental ranking to America’s 500 largest companies.  I was most interested in the bottom of the ladder, which had few surprises.

#485 Monsanto: Makers of herbicides and genetically modified crops that can withstand the herbicide application (e.g., Round-up Ready Seeds), among other lovely things.

#493 Bunge: “The shortest distance from harvest to market.”  (Coughbullshitcough).

#500 Peabody Energy: Huge stake in coal and major pusher for “clean” coal technology.  Too bad there is no such thing as “clean” coal.

As a rather recent, somewhat dedicated NPR listener, I naively thought that companies advertising on NPR must be “good” companies.  I became rather skeptical when I heard Bunge’s ad: “. . . producing food ingredients for food manufacturers.”  Could they sound any shadier?  Although I am not familiar with all of the factors that went into Newsweek’s list, I am not at all surprised that Bunge ended up in the bottom ten.

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