Compare and contrast

On Monday night, we attended a talk by sustainable farmer and author Joel Salatin, who I mentioned here.  I thought I wrote a bit more about his book, Everything I Want to do is Illegal, but apparently I only wrote about it in my head.  The book did not turn me into a libertarian, but it was a near thing.  When I read that he was going to be speaking at a local venue, I was very excited.

“I wonder if he’ll be a good speaker?” I said to Matthew as we waited for it to start.  I knew he was a good writer, and I highly recommend reading the aforementioned book, but good speakers are a rare find.  There are plenty of people with potentially interesting things to say, people who may write well, that are mediocre speakers at best.

About three minutes into the talk, Matthew turned to me and said, “I guess you have your answer.”  Did I ever!  Joel Salatin did not disappoint as a speaker.  I loved hearing about and seeing photos of Mr. Salatin’s sustainably raised livestock right on the heels of this post about E. coli contamination in beef.  Talk about a sharp contrast with factory farms and agribusiness!

We biked to and from the talk, which pushed me over twenty miles for the day.  We rode home in beautiful weather under a full moon, and I could not help thinking how happy I was to be on my bike instead of in a car.

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