Not made for TV

A couple of weeks ago, we attended the monthly St. Louis Greendrinks gathering.  Some representatives from Repower America were also in attendance, recording individual statements of support for action on clean energy and climate for their Repower Wall, a digital video collection of thousands of Americans voicing their support.

We signed up to participate, and the Repower team recorded our statements on the spot.  Yesterday, I discovered that our vidoes are now on the Repower site, as well as on YouTube.  I was going to post a link to my video here, but for some reason the audio cut out after 10 seconds in my recording.  Also, it is not a very flattering depiction of yours truly.  Apparently, when I step in front of a video camera, I develop a strange eye condition wherein I blink, but only with my left eye.  Very weird.  If you want to witness the strangeness, you will have to hunt it down for yourself.  After witnessing this, I’ll stick with blogging.

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