Business and pleasure

Last night, as I passed my lonely and forlorn bike in the basement, I ran my hand along it, and said, “Mama still loves you.”  In truth, we had not been apart for all that long, because I rode it on Sunday (in the snow, no less).   I’m just still not happy about trading my bike commute for a car commute.

This morning (the start of a four day weekend — great happiness), I finally convinced myself to bundle up and leave the house.  I planned to bike to the grocery store and then straight back home, but it was warmer than I expected, and I was on a roll.  I rode right past the grocery store and into the park for a bit of extra bike action.

This detour led me to stop by Local Harvest (a small neighborhood grocery store), where I found a treasure — a big, beautiful head of locally-grown red cabbage.  My eyes were almost bigger than my panniers, but I managed to stuff everything into them and make it home on my fully-laden bike.

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