Tiny choices success

I frequent the Tiny Choices blog for their green living insights, and as a fairly regular reader, I completed their survey.  Tiny Choices featured my survey last Thursday.  In it, I mentioned my struggle to speak up in a constructive way when I notice others making less than green choices.  In the comments, Nupur of One Hot Stove said, “My suggestion for encouraging others to change their behavior- simply modeling the behavior sometimes triggers others to think about it, more than saying anything about it.”

During a recent work gathering, someone pulled styrofoam plates out for the cake.  Knowing that we had a full cabinet of dishes right behind me, I hesitated for a moment, then grabbed a stack of real plates.  I swapped them for the styrofoam plates on the table, saying that I would take dish duty.  Everyone seemed happy with this arrangement.  I plan to look for opportunities to model greener choices, with a hope that over time they will spread.


  1. Nupur says:

    What a great way to set an example! So did you do all the dishes or did others help you?

    At my former workplace, a co-worker started getting her own plate to lunch meetings instead of using the paper/plastic plates the caterers provide. Just watching her made several people switch to bring their own. Role models are what we need!

  2. hergreenlife says:

    I washed most of them (there weren’t too many). I try to do the same thing as your former coworker — I enjoy the food much more when it’s not sitting on a disposable plate!

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