Carbon fast fast

If you’re asking yourself, “Is that a typo?  Did she mean to type “fast” twice?” the answer is, “No, it is not a typo.”  (Grammar and spelling errors in published writing — and this includes blogs — are one of my pet peeves.  I strive (with occasional lapses) to hold my writing to the same high standard to which I hold others’ writing.)

So, yes, I meant to type “fast” twice.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave up on my daily “Carbon Fast” posting.  It just didn’t seem to fit in with my regular posting/writing style, and, to be honest, the carbon fast posts failed to generate much discussion.  I wondered, “Will anyone notice that I’m not posting a daily carbon fast action?”

The answer?  A resounding, “No,” although I felt guilty for quitting (ah, the good old Catholic guilt).

However, in observing most of the carbon fast, I tried some new things, and have others on my “to do” list, so some good came of the venture, and Easter is almost here, so I won’t have to feel bad about not posting the carbon fast tips anymore!

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