Carbon fast fast

If you’re asking yourself, “Is that a typo?  Did she mean to type “fast” twice?” the answer is, “No, it is not a typo.”  (Grammar and spelling errors in published writing — and this includes blogs — are one of my pet peeves.  I strive (with occasional lapses) to hold my writing to the same high standard to which I hold others’ writing.)

So, yes, I meant to type “fast” twice.

A couple of weeks ago, I gave up on my daily “Carbon Fast” posting.  It just didn’t seem to fit in with my regular posting/writing style, and, to be honest, the carbon fast posts failed to generate much discussion.  I wondered, “Will anyone notice that I’m not posting a daily carbon fast action?”

The answer?  A resounding, “No,” although I felt guilty for quitting (ah, the good old Catholic guilt).

However, in observing most of the carbon fast, I tried some new things, and have others on my “to do” list, so some good came of the venture, and Easter is almost here, so I won’t have to feel bad about not posting the carbon fast tips anymore!

Two square

I visited an elementary school recently, and I could not help but notice the sticker on the toilet paper dispenser — the number “2” next to a picture of toilet paper squares.  This reminded me of the “These Come from Trees” stickers, a great cue to action to reduce wasteful use of paper in public restrooms.  I felt fairly certain that was the purpose of the “2” sticker, but as there was also a “Flush” sticker on the wall behind the toilet, I wondered if the number 2 referred not to the numbers of squares of t.p. to use, but rather to a step in a “How to Use the Toilet” sequence:

1. Enter the stall.
2. Lock the door.
3. Pull down your pants.
4. Check the toilet seat to see if a rude “sprinkler” was there before you . . . .

You get the idea.  But I’m already way past #2 on the list, and it’s not time to wipe yet, so I deduced that the “2” sticker must, indeed, refer to the appropriate amount of toilet paper to use.

Confession: Until I started buying my own toilet paper, I was quite profligate in my use of said paper product.  Once I had to flush my own dollars down the toilet, things changed, and I’ve been pretty good about the “two square rule” when I’m at home or other other peoples’ houses since then.  But something changes when I use a public restroom, and I catch myself with a huge wad of t.p. in my hand, so I benefit from some kind of a reminder as much as the next person.