Bike to the refueling station day

Happy Bike to Work Day!  I don’t work on Fridays (and I don’t bike to work given my current job anyway, ahem), but I didn’t want to miss the fun.  I joined my hubby in biking to the Bike to Work Day refueling station at the History Museum in Forest Park.  Fortunately, the morning commute hours were nice and dry, though the clouds are rolling back in now.

Even if you don’t bike to work, bike somewhere!  I’ll be heading back out this afternoon to swing by the library and the Botanical Garden.  Where will your bike take you?


  1. Laura says:

    Since I work from home, I don’t get to commute today. I’m planning to take a nice relaxing ride to enjoy the sunny day. Tomorrow, I’m going to ride to a drop-off location to pick up my share from the CSA I just joined. What are you opinions about CSAs?

  2. hergreenlife says:

    Sadly, I’ve never belonged to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), but I think they’re a great idea. If we ever scale back on gardening and growing our own stuff (which is VERY tempting sometimes), I would definitely buy a CSA share. As it is, we get a decent amount of food from our garden, with some farmers’ market supplementation here and there.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I just rode my bike to the library & grocery store… such a beautiful day!

    I’m trying to use my bike for more of my daily errands, but I haven’t quite sorted out the best way to carry things. At the moment I’m using a backback, but it has limited capacity. So I’m wondering what you do… baskets? panniers? racks? I’d love any advice on that subject.

    For Laura… I’ve belonged to 2 different CSA’s and each was a totally different experience. One had easy pick up right in the neighborhood where I used to work, but they had this tendency to plant all sorts of off the wall types of vegetables and I was allergic to nearly half of the stuff each week. Plus they were into slaughtering animals, and as an animal rights person, I just couldn’t take it.

    So I joined a different CSA which provided about 3 tmes the food… and it was much more standard, so fewer allergic worries…BUT the pick up site was on the other side of town and the pick up time was right at rush hour, so it was a miserable situation because I ended up having to sit in rush hour traffic for 3 hours once a week! UG! SOOO not worth it. I finally found a neighbor who worked near the pick up site and made a deal where she could have half the share if she’d do the pick up duties. Worked out OK, but now our garden is so big that a CSA would be pointless.

    Anyhow, I totally LOVE the concept of the CSA, but as with all things, the devil’s in the details!

  4. hergreenlife says:

    I used to use a large internal frame backpack, but I switched to a rear rack and panniers when I bought a road-style bike. The panniers have several drawbacks, so I’m experimenting with a milk crate. Post with details coming soon.

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