Trash vs. treasure

This post started as a comment on “The last antique” over at The Green Phone Booth.  It quickly grew to a length that seemed a bit cumbersome for a mere comment:

After reading the comments thus far, one thing that sticks out is want vs. need. Sure, holding out for that perfect piece of furniture (the one that looks nice, fits in your space, is good quality, at the right price) at an estate sale or on Craigslist can be frustrating, but do you really NEED it enough right now to settle for something that may not last, something made unsustainably?

The answer will be different for everyone and vary depending on the item in question and other specifics of the situation. However, it provides a good starting point for evaluating potential purchases. You may be able to find creative ways to do without for just a bit longer, giving you time to find what you really want in the quality used market.

We successfully used this method for our desk, and we’re currently keeping an eye out for a nice, new-to-us couch.  In the meantime, we’re holding on to our slightly uncomfortable, not so fashionable, but still sturdy, estate sale bought couch.

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