Carpool — new and improved

My carpool ended abruptly a couple of months ago, with the departure of my carpool buddy.  Toward the end, our carpool days dwindled, due to different schedules, leaving me discouraged about the whole carpool thing.

Fast forward to now, and my new carpool.  I almost don’t want to write about this, because I’m afraid it will disappear.  A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that a new coworker drove almost my exact route on the way home.  Toward the end, our paths diverged, but she couldn’t be that far away.

Like a good, patient stalker, I waited a few days before broaching the carpool idea with my coworker.  She was not only interested in carpooling, but also open to the idea of me biking to her house and paying gas money.  Who’s excited now?

It just so happens that she lives less than two miles from me, with a nice, easily bikeable route between our dwellings.  I’m not thrilled with the lack of indoor bike storage accommodations for my precious, so I’m working on equipping the old bike with a rear rack and crate.  I found a used rack at Bicycle Works and, for now, I’ll just use the crate I have on my other bike.  While I was happy to get a used rack, the price tag was barely lower than new — annoying!  Also annoying — the fact that the design of my old bike is such that attaching the rack presents a bit of a challenge.

Those little bumps in the road can’t dilute my overall excitement about the new arrangement.  Although my commute is far from car-free, bicycling is back in the picture, and I’m one happy girl!


  1. Ha! I totally love that you stalked her before broaching the subject. I hope it works out.

    I must say that no commute is one of the many benefits of working from home!

    1. Melissa @ HerGreenLife says:

      Yeah, the whole working from home thing sounds pretty good, though when the commute involves a bicycle (and thus some nice built-in physical activity), I don’t mind too much 🙂

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