Finally Bike Somewhere Day

Well, this week (May 16-20) was Bike-to-Work Week and today was Bike-to-Work Day.  Since I am usually off on Fridays, I celebrated this day last year by biking to work with Matthew, with a stop at one of Trailnet’s refueling stations.

No such luck this year, which found me headed to work (in the car) at the crack of dawn.  In fact, I spent an inordinate amount of time driving to and for work this week, a grand total of 368 miles.  Ugh.  (My normal baseline, of commuting to/from work four days a week with no extra driving is 128 miles.)

Exhausted from the marathon of a week, I seriously considered taking the bus to meet Matthew and his dad for lunch today.  The midday sun and heat, and threat of rain, weren’t making biking any more appealing, but I pulled BUB out anyway, and we had a lovely little ride.  BUB snuggled with Matt’s bike while we ate lunch at Gokul, a vegetarian Indian restaurant (their new location in The Loop).  It was not as good as the Indian restaurant in Rome*, but not bad, and I managed to avoid overdoing it and making myself uncomfortable (it’s a buffet).

On the way home, I swung by City Greens (which would have been much less convenient sans bike) and picked up some eggs for the week, as well as some ‘shrooms.  They had lots of various lettuces for sale, too, but we have tons of that in our garden now.  The eggs made it home safe and sound, at which point I enjoyed a much needed nap!  One challenging week down, one challenging weekend to go (but not this one, thankfully).


*Hmm, I was going to link to my post where I mentioned the restaurant in Rome, but apparently that post doesn’t exist.  Trip coverage here has been woefully inadequate 😦


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