Aw, hail!

So, we turned the A/C on yesterday.  It’s only May — ugh!  As usual, we’re keeping our thermostat set pretty conservatively (around 80° F), but still!  May.

In other confessions/not-green news, we walked at the Botanical Garden this morning, but we drove there 😦  I felt pretty tired and blah, and a little light-headed, not really up to the biking, so I conceded to using the car.  It was that or not going, and I am glad we went, if disgusted at the use of a car for an easy 2 mile or less trip.

Finally, a huge chunk of ice to help you think cool thoughts during the hot weather: this baby, which fell at our apartment during the storms last Wednesday, was almost 4 inches in diameter:

Matthew saved a few of these in our freezer, and I’ll be using them for practice contractions this week.  (For our childbirth prep homework, we do practice contractions, squeezing ice in our hands to simulate pain.)


  1. EcoCatLady says:

    Holy Moly! On so many levels…. sweltering weather in May – although we had a hot spell of three 90 degree days in a row about a month ago… just enough to make the spinach bolt. Did your garden survive that hail? Looks like it could take out an unwitting pedestrian if caught out in the storm! And pain simulations to practice for childbirth… you are so much braver than I could ever hope to be.

    1. Melissa @ HerGreenLife says:

      Surprisingly (and fortunately), both our little garden at our apartment and our larger garden at my MIL’s survived without much damage at all.

      Matthew wisely opted to leave his bike at work and ride the bus home that afternoon, though it did mean a couple of blocks of walking. He said he waited out the worst in the overhang in front of a restaurant, then held his bag over his head and made a run for it!

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