We have zee sheet

If you walked through our backyard yesterday afternoon, you would have seen a pretty set of blue patterned sheets drying rapidly on the line.

To justify driving the car to a Le Leche League meeting yesterday morning, I tossed in a couple of bags of clothing and home goods that were waiting to be donated and swung by Goodwill after the meeting.  The stop provided the perfect opportunity to look for a spare set of old sheets and some old towels — supplies for our home birth.

Other than being a bit threadbare, the sheets are really quite lovely, and one of the four “old” towels I bought there is nicer than some of the towels in our current regular rotation.

Between those purchases (yay for thrift stores!), and the arrival of our “home birth kit,” we are almost set.  The home birth kit contains all of the disposable supplies for the birth.  I knew that when I ordered it but was still rather horrified when I opened the box and saw all of the [soon-to-be] trash.  However, it is a relatively small box, and Matthew reassured me that it will be massively less waste compared to an average hospital birth.

In other green baby prep news, I received a cloth diaper donation from a friend.  While we will most likely still need more in the way of diapers, I want to hold off somewhat and see how the whole Elimination Communication/Diaper-free Baby thing works before going out and buying a bunch of new or used cloth diapers.

While cloth diapering is certainly better than disposable, it is not without environmental costs itself, so I would like to have an idea of the number of diapers we will need to avoid excess, especially if we’re buying new.


  1. EcoCatLady says:

    Many eons ago, one of my co-worker’s wives was very involved in Le Leche League. One day he brought a Le Leche League post card to work… it was an old black and white photograph of an indigenous woman (can’t remember where or when it was taken). She was digging taro roots or something of the sort, and at the same time there was a child about 3 or 4 years old suckling from her breast. The caption read “woman digging roots” as if to say that the suckling child was such a “given” that it didn’t merit a mention.

    I thought the message was wonderful and he gave me the post card. A few days later a very feminist friend of mine was visiting and saw the card sitting on my table. A look of horrible consternation crossed her face as she looked up at me and asked: “What the hell is Le Letch?!?!”

    Thought you might get a kick out of that story. Congrats on your green baby prep!

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