What a big head you have

The better to wear a bicycle helmet, my dear 🙂

We visited the pediatrician for Gabriel’s 2-month check-up last week, and the doctor diagnosed our little guy with macrocephaly.  Which literally just means that he has a big head (15 inches at birth, 17 inches last week).  When the doctor first said he was recording it in the chart, we thought he was joking, but apparently it is a real diagnosis and something that they will monitor.

Since large heads run in the family on the paternal side, we are not at all worried, and I quickly realized a potential benefit of a baby with a large head.  I came home and looked up infant helmets, and found one that starts at 18 inches — only one more inch to go!  I imagine that last inch will come on more slowly than the first two, and there is the whole needing to be able hold up that giant head of his, but still, methinks this whole macrocephaly thing could be good (for now, at least — Matthew has trouble finding a helmet that is large enough to provide good coverage).

That said, we are still on the fence as far as accommodations for biking with the little guy.  I had this naive idea that I would have plenty of time to troll Craigslist and investigate options AFTER the baby was born.  Yeah, not so much.  First, time?  Ha!  Second, I’m not the most decisive person in the best circumstances, and sleep deprivation and baby-fogged brain . . . .   Well, you get the picture.

Whenever we decide and finally make a purchase, I know we’ll enjoy including Gabriel in our preferred form of transportation, it just may be a bit later than I anticipated.

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