Twelve weeks

To say the past twelve weeks have been a blur would be putting it VERY mildly.  We naively expected that we would accomplish any number of tasks during our maternity/paternity leaves.

I planned to give some serious attention to blogging, including purchasing a domain name and turning this blog into a more official site.  Instead, I’ve barely had time to write, or even read favorite blogs, much less expand things here.

While I love reading “mommy blogs,” I really did/do not want this to veer in that direction.  To that end, I considered starting another baby-specific blog (proposed name: Blue Green Mama), so I could stay on-topic here.  On the other hand, my goal here is to share stories and inspiration on sustainable and healthy living from my own life, which, like it or not (let’s be honest, it depends on when you ask), now involves being a mom.

Becoming a parent really drives home the whole “what are we leaving for future generations” argument for sustainability.  Yesterday, we had a naming ceremony for Gabriel at the Ethical Society, and the platform topic just-so-happened to be global warming, sustainability, and social justice (our completely haphazard, hey, let’s do this next Sunday form of “planning” worked amazingly well).  Listening to the well-delivered message, which I’ve heard plenty of times before, took on new meaning as I looked into my son’s eyes.

While I now more fully appreciate how lack of time can be a significant barrier to behavior change (whether a health-related behavior, or a “green” behavior), it seems more important than ever to stay committed to a sustainable lifestyle and advocate for larger scale change.

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