To resist the spirit of consumerism and materialism

We celebrated Gabriel’s baptism on Sunday.  The ceremony reaffirmed  my love for the inclusive, social justice oriented, faith community that is St. Cronan’s.

In keeping with the spirit of sustainability and simplicity, The Dude wore a baptismal gown made by his great-grandmother, previously worn by his father and uncle.

I’m not sure if you’re supposed to have a favorite baptismal promise, but this one is particularly meaningful to me, as a value that can and should be embraced by all humankind, regardless of faith or belief system:

Do you commit yourself to a gospel spirit of poverty and detachment – to resist the spirit of consumerism and materialism – to live a life of generosity – and to exercise a preferential option for the poor?

A good reminder at any time, but especially relevant this time of year.


  1. anné donovan says:

    You have such an simple, clean way of viewing a complex subject – good job miss =)

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