Lids at last

Don’t let the food fool you, this post is actually about the container.  Though I must confess that I still own and use plastic (gasp!) containers on a regular basis, I am adamant about glass for some things, particularly warm or hot food.

I just don’t trust plastic, even the “BPA-free” plastic.  I figure it just contains some yet-to-be discovered, and perhaps worse, toxin leaching into my food.  I cringe when I see coworkers nuking their lunches in plastic containers — yikes!

Unless the food cools to room temperature first (at which point we’re probably in the bacteria-growth danger zone), we store all of our leftovers in glass containers.  We also use glass to transport our lunches for easy microwave heating at work.

Though it’s a compromise because it still involves plastic, we’ve found that glass containers with plastic lids work well.  This container style forms a relatively good seal for transporting the food to and from work, which can involve a good bit of jostling.  If we fill the containers to the brim, we refrigerate and put the lids on after the food is cool, and we remove the lids before reheating the food — one of those “not perfect, but good enough” solutions.

With normal use  and wear (i.e., not getting dropped on a hard surface), the glass containers have quite a long life.  That makes the plastic the weakest link.  After a couple of years of regular use, the plastic lids started showing their age, cracking at the edges, no longer forming a good seal.

Over a year ago, I searched for replacement lids in vain, frustrated that I couldn’t buy just a lid to go with the container that was still in perfectly good shape.  I’m rather certain I contacted the company directly and was told they didn’t make replacements — argh!  In the meantime, we wanted to expand our glass container collection and reluctantly purchased two sets of the same style, knowing about the lid issue.

For some reason, Matthew or I resumed the lid hunt a couple of months ago, and this time we our search ended in success! (3/4/14 Link Update: find replacement lids here.)

To maximize the shipment, we ordered a couple of spare lids for each size of glass container, including some for my MIL who has the same containers with the same lid issues.  (Speaking of the shipment — ridiculously over-packaged!  Must remember to add “please minimize/avoid plastic when packing.”)  While it’s frustrating knowing that these lids will also wear out, I’m happy to get more good use out of the glass.


  1. EcoCatLady says:

    Thank you SOOOO much for that link! I totally LOVE my Pyrex containers, but have the same lid problem. One got totally destroyed when some idiot set it on the stove and then turned on the wrong burner. oops. I have a bunch of “off-brand” containers too, that have even worse lid issues. I’ll have to measure and see if any of the replacement lids might work for them…

    1. Melissa @ HerGreenLife says:

      You’re welcome. I hesitated to share it, because I didn’t want it to seem that I’m advocating that particular brand. It just happens to be what we have.

  2. Tracy says:

    I just tried this link and it isn’t working. Any thoughts?

    1. Melissa @ HerGreenLife says:

      I just updated the post with a new link. It looks like they still sell the replacement lids, which is good, I guess, b/c the lids seem to continue to wear out after a few years, despite babying them (i.e., hand washing instead of dishwasher and never putting in microwave) :-/

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