Rides and eats

Strangely enough, I’ve done more biking in the past 3 1/2 weeks (late December and early January), than in all of September, October, and November combined.  The rides themselves have been relatively short (3-4 miles), running errands here and there, but just getting out somewhat regularly feels great.

On Saturday morning, I ran a couple of errands by car, due to some remaining ice from the mid-week snow.  Once off of our tiny street, I realized conditions were bikeable.  When I arrived at the library and found no [car] parking spaces, I really wished I’d chosen two wheels instead of four — lesson learned!

While out and about, I stopped by the winter farmers’ market.  Some beautiful cabbage, along with a few bags of frozen green bell peppers, a couple of fresh sweet red peppers, and a few pears made the trip well worth it.  I bought enough cabbage that we might do a new round of sauerkraut, though we’ve really been enjoying the cabbage cooked in various ways, and I want to get around to making a slaw/salad with some of it.  Cold weather cabbage tastes so sweet and delicious!

Speaking of sauerkraut, and deliciousness, we made reubens over the weekend — so messy and so good!  The kitchen’s been a busy place lately, and I have a couple of fun new recipes to share soon, one for a nice, warm soup and the other for an amazing bread — very high quality bike fuel 🙂

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