Friday Funday — Meet our new pet

I’m not really a pet person.  I like animals and all, especially baby animals, but I don’t like animal hair or the idea of spending lots of money on vet bills and other expenses.  It just seems like more trouble than it’s worth.  That said, we seem to have found ourselves a pet . . .

. . . a baby bulldog!

Lip protruding, bulldog style

I can’t imagine taking care of a baby and taking care of a puppy.  Fortunately, we don’t need to get a puppy — we got a two-in-one deal.

Baby Bulldog loves to chew

How babies are like puppies:

  1. Diaper-free time = cleaning up lots of puddles
  2. Chewing everything — Baby Bulldog favors slippers (we’re tempted to buy him a rawhide bone)
  3. Needing lots of attention

What do you think?  Any other ways that babies and puppies are similar?


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