Pastries in the park

I feared the rainy forecast for Sunday would derail my hopes for a family bike ride this weekend, but the rain held off long enough for us to have a nice outing.

We started with a trip to The Hill for sfogliatelle, a delicious Italian pastry with a ricotta filling.

Pastries in milk crate, we headed to the park to play.

We ducked into Local Harvest to grab a few bulk bin grains on our way home and made it back just barely damp, having ridden through some sprinkles for the last few blocks.


  1. Rachel Jones says:

    Love the pictures of your -not so little- little guy 🙂 Hope you can take that as a complement from a mom of another -not so little- little guy!

    1. Melissa @ HerGreenLife says:

      Yep, our “little” guys never were all that little. Hard to believe mine is 8 months old now!

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