What’s goin’ on

It’s been a little quiet over here, which usually indicates that life has been a little crazy.  We’re all alive and well, or as well as can be with yet another cold virus, courtesy of Typhoid Gabriel.

In the spirit of getting the bad news out of the way first, I visited the dentist for a routine cleaning.  It was so much fun that I get to go back and see them in two weeks for “a bit of work.”  Unremarkable for many people, perhaps, but this is my First. Cavity. EVER.

The first cavity ever is the equivalent of the first A- or B+ ever, when you kiss your hopes of being the valedictorian of perfect teeth goodbye and start down the path to becoming a toothless old hag.

We met with a realtor and made [a low-ball] offer on a house (an offer that we felt was actually reasonable based on average price per square foot, days on market, etc.).

I spent Earth Day teaching my first ever Cycling Savvy course — despite my initial lack of enthusiasm toward working on the weekend, I had a blast.  It felt great to put everything that I learned in instructor training last year into use, and teaching others skills and helping build the confidence they need to ride their bicycles more seemed a fitting way to spend Earth Day.

Meanwhile, out at the garden, Matthew put in the tomato plants and then held his breath until Monday morning due to the somewhat unexpected frost advisory.  Fortunately the little plants escaped the evil Mr. Frost.

We also found out that the seller soundly rejected our offer on the house — according to his agent he “almost fainted” when he read it.  Ha!

To him we say, have fun continuing to sit on that property that you’ve been sitting on for over two years during which time the pipes burst due to lack of adequate heating one winter.

As for us, we now have our eyes on something that I ultimately think could work out even better (details to come once we have a bit more info, but I’m already putting the eggs WAY before the chicken).


  1. EcoCatLady says:

    Wow! You’ve been busy. CatMan has been sicker than a dog for the past week… it totally sucks. He’s never had a cavity… I hate people like you!

    I recently ventured into a dentist’s office after 15 years of steadfastly avoiding it. One crown, 8 replaced fillings, and $3000 later… Oy vay! It wouldn’t have been quite so bad if it weren’t for the fact that the nerves in my mouth are apparently not quite in the same place as most people’s, so it took nearly an hour to get me numb each time… and even then it was only partially successful. Plus, I have really bad TMJ so it’s taken months for my jaw to recover from all of the work. UG. But, at least all of the mercury is out of my mouth.

    Anyhow, I can’t wait to hear about the new place… sorry if I’m helping to toss those eggs out way before their time. Anyhow, I hope it all works out!

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