Three years

I started this blog with a post about strawberries.  Fast forward three years, same date, and strawberry season has already come and gone, thanks (ha, ha) to the abnormally warm spring and summer-like month of May.

Despite infrequent posts for a few months immediately post-baby, writing here has been a nice constant in  a crazy, unpredictable twelve months, and I’ve also enjoyed watching readership grow.

Facts and stats thus far:

  • 575 posts and counting (over the past three years)
  • Moved to my own domain in November 2011
  • March 2012 was my best month ever

Ahead in year four:

  • Provide entertaining and useful content
  • Grow readership
  • Continue pondering name change
  • Move to third party hosting???

Birthdays gone by:
One year
Two year birthday

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