One year

Today marks the one-year anniversary of HerGreenLife.  Or is it a birthday?  Hmmm . . . .

When I decided to start a blog, I spent a few weeks picking out a name.  The fact that many of the names I wanted were already taken complicated things a bit.  I found many of the blogs with names that I liked had not been updated in weeks, months, or even years — what a waste of good blog names!  I mean, come on people, if you’re done using it, recycle it so that someone else can enjoy it.

Anyway, my frustration with good names being taken by defunct or nonactive blogs solidified my commitment to keep this thing going.  This helps me continue even when the page hits are lower than I hoped, or when life is crazy and writing about it is just one more thing on the “to do” list.

I chose to start this blog after several months of reading other blogs (that have very little to do with what I write about here, but which I find/found vastly entertaining), namely Dooce and Her Bad Mother (why am I driving traffic their way?).  These blogs get thousands, if not millions, of visits per day (if you click the link, you will be just a little drop in the bucket), so you can see how I was setting myself up for a bit of a let down.

One year blogged, ??? years to go!


  1. Happy Blog Birthday!

    Don’t feel too bad about those blogs with huge readership. My research has led me to the very interesting conclusion that many of them are really approaching it like a business endeavor, and devoting a huge amount of time to publicity… as in taking out ads to publicize their blogs and even hiring publicists! And, many of them already have a book or movie deal in the works before they ever start the blog! I guess the “Julie and Julia” fantasy of “being discovered” is well… a fantasy!

    I know I’m a new reader, but I’m thoroughly enjoying your musings!


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