Just another manic Monday

Wish it were Saturday . . .

Self-portrait on the bike

Or Sunday . . .

First-of-the-season Caprese sandwiches

. . . but the mania is mostly of my own making.  I took the day off to “relax,” which quickly turned into a long to-do list, which mostly involves wrangling fresh produce.  There were also some adventures with grilling — in the end, I prevailed, though it made the day much crazier than planned.  Off to deal with a HUGE zucchini.


  1. Look at those tomatoes! I love summer foods! I do the same thing with “relax” days. I always end up with a ton of stuff to do 🙂

  2. Tracy says:

    We have the very same helmet for Mr. B!!! Such cuteness!!! He already loves his helmet too, which now he gets to where on his own bike, a Strider Balance Bike.

    1. Melissa @ HerGreenLife says:

      I’ve already been keeping an eye on CL for something that will work as a balance bike. I lean toward getting a very small regular bike and just removing the pedals and crank arms for now. How does Mr. B like it?

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