Do you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain?

And you probably like chocolate, if you have half a brain . . .

How about beaches, wine, peanut butter, beer, cute baby polar bears?

No, this is not a personal ad, but my half-hearted attempt to inject a bit of humor into a sobering topic.

Source: Huffington Post slide show

I just finished watching this slide show about what we (or future generations) may lose due to climate change.

Worth a look and then some action, taking steps to make our own lives more sustainable, but also speaking up: vote for elected officials with proven records of taking serious steps for sustainability; contact those politicians when important bills are on the table; contact businesses (big and small) who are not working toward a sustainable future and boycott their products.

Source: Huffington Post slide show

True, that in order to live more sustainably and save some of these things, we may need to consume less of them and buy varieties that are produced more responsibly, but that’s a fair trade when the alternative may be living in a world without [insert whatever motivates you here].

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