Through the eyes of a child

I enjoy tasteful Christmas light displays, but I usually turn up my nose at the other holiday outdoor decorations.  Halloween inflatables, Easter yard ornaments, colored lights for almost any holiday imaginable — talk about over-consumption and collecting lots of limited-used stuff that just sits in a bin somewhere for most of the year.

So I’m more than a bit sheepish to admit that I’m enjoying my neighborhood’s enthusiasm for Halloween this year (our part of the city is apparently known for really getting into Halloween).  It’s not that I, personally, am wowed by the pumpkins, tombstones, and ghosts on display, but rather that I enjoy seeing Gabriel’s reaction — his smiles, wonderment, and delight as we pass by the festive houses on our daily outings.

It goes without saying that the sights are best enjoyed from the vantage and pace of walking or biking, as I doubt he can see much, if anything, from his car seat.  I shamelessly direct his attention to houses of special interest as we bike to the park or on various errands.  He points, smiles, and says, “That,” to show his appreciation.

While it doesn’t really alter my general feelings on buying and displaying holiday yard ornaments, I’m enjoying a slightly different perspective this year, looking through the eyes of a toddler.


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