Halloween trick or tart

Gabriel Bee

I lack the time or tools to be crafting/sewing costumes.  Fortunately, as I discovered last year, it’s easy to find nice, affordable used costumes — wear once and send back into the costume recycling circle.

Buzz, buzz

There will probably be no trick-or-treating this year, due to a conflict with bedtime, but we ventured out to the Botanical Garden’s event on Sunday afternoon.  Our little bee enjoyed buzzing around the garden on a gorgeous fall day.  He seemed nonplussed by all the other little ones in costumes, which (we discovered later) may have been due to discomfort from too tight pants (that I stuffed him into — sorry, Baby!).

We also whipped up a little treat over the weekend — this chocolate peanut butter tart, a recipe I’ve been eyeing since I made my birthday cake request in May.  We assembled all the ingredients except for regular peanut butter.  We buy the natural kind that needs to be stirred, and I was nervous since the recipe was specific on that point.

Tart before the chocolate ganache layer

Fortunately, the peanut butter mousse whipped up beautifully with our peanut butter of choice, though perhaps a bit less sweet.  We didn’t mind too much.

Better than Halloween candy 🙂

It’s hard to mind much when you’re eating the equivalent of a very high quality peanut butter cup (and watching a great football game, as was the case Saturday night).

I’ll end with one more for the cuteness column — Baba found not one, but two Halloween costumes, so we had a bee and a cow this year.


Who let the cow into the pumpkin squash patch?


  1. Natalie says:

    Adorable! And that tart looks amazing!

  2. kim says:

    He is the absolute sweetest bumblebee/cow!!! Happy Halloween Gabriel (and Mama and Daddy!) xoxoxo Grandma Ki

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