From a cuteness standpoint, two is a pretty great age.  If we’re lucky, perhaps the year will be heavy on the cute and fun and light on the infamous “terrible.”

Though perhaps as a sign of things to come, Sir spent the weeks leading up to his second birthday practicing the word “No,” which entailed using it as a response to almost any query we posed (even those to which he clearly meant “Yes”), as well as uttering it randomly.


He loves tractors, trucks, trains, and riding lawnmowers.


And vacuums.


Pretty sure the vacuum in our unit at the resort was the highlight of his summer vacation.  Had I known that, I could have skipped the ten hour car ride with a toddler and just bought him a vacuum at home.


But he also enjoyed a dip in the lake . . .


. . . before eating birthday cake.*  (And someone’s been reading too many children’s books, for goodness’ sake!)


Gifts included some fun second-hand finds, wrapped in receiving blankets (my current favorite reusable gift wrap), as well as some special, handmade wooden toys we found at a shop on vacation.

The vacation made for a special, adventure-filled birthday week.  Happy birthday, baby!

*His birthday cake was a hybrid of this almond cake and this pistachio cake, basically the almond cake recipe with half ground pistachios, half almond meal, with the topping from the pistachio cake, served with local Wisconsin strawberries.


  1. Happy Birthday Gabriel! Congrats again to you guys–such great parents. Altho’ he may not love you for that naked vacuuming photo one day.

  2. shannon says:

    TWO! happy birthday, little one! you’re right: two is a cuteness high-point, i think, although it was fun for me at least to see how the “no” progresses from experimental, to whiney, to just a statement by almost 3 (my little one’s age). 🙂 he’s adorable, and it looks like he had a fantastic time.

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