Twisted vertebrae

Last Thursday’s post, where I shared my thoughts about bike facilities and infrastructure, garnered quite a few hits and is sparking some good discussions.  The thoughts I shared there had been percolating for quite some time, and it felt good to get them off my chest and out into the world.

While the post took quite a bit of time (and mental energy), it was far from the only thing noteworthy last week.

On Wednesday, I started physical therapy for mid-back pain that I’ve had since our trip to Wisconsin in July.  After three months of hoping it would go away on its own, I finally faced facts and sought answers and help.  Turns out that repeatedly twisting around in the car to tend to a toddler in the back seat = very bad for back (shocker!) — as a result, I have a couple of vertebrae that are rotated [slightly] out of place.

My doctor actually recommended that I visit a chiropractor (which I’ve never done), and then perhaps use PT as a follow-up.  Lacking a great chiropractic recommendation, I started with the PT (something I’ve done before for other back issues), and that’s the route I’m going for now.  I chose a therapist who uses manual techniques and myofascial release to encourage the muscles to relax enough to help things move back into place.  My initial visit left me quite sore the next day, but nothing that I couldn’t live with.

I can’t help but miss the health insurance I had three jobs ago (four, if you count my current part-time gig) which covered 100% of physical therapy.  Now it’s forty bucks a visit.  I know it could be worse, but that definitely stings a bit, and it adds up fast!  Hopefully this resolves quickly, but the fact that it’s been an issue for over three months now might not bode well.

Fortunately, biking doesn’t seem to be an issue, and I’m able to bike to my PT appointments, so I’ll probably be doing more biking during these next few weeks than I otherwise would.  There’s something very satisfying about feeling good enough to bike to health-related appointments, and it makes me thankful for relatively good, if imperfect, health.

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