Over the weekend and in the works

I have a decent bit to share, but there’s that whole “time to write” thing.  My time promises to be even more crunched this week (physical therapy, no Mrs. L on Tuesday = one extra day with Gabriel, then spending over half of Wednesday at the Gateway Bike Plan Workshop), so here’s quick recap and preview of coming events!

Over the weekend
Matthew and I celebrated our 5th anniversary with a dinner date at Pastaria, followed by dancing at Casa Loma Ballroom.

It was our first visit to Pastaria — it lacked the ambiance for a romantic anniversary dinner, but we enjoyed our meal, nonetheless.  We ordered a ridiculous quantity of food: risotto ball appetizer, large kale salad, pistachio ravioli, butternut squash and sage pizza, and a side of roasted brussels.  We could have easily fed a third adult and maybe Gabriel, too!

The food was good, but too salty (Matthew’s currently reading Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us).  Though I could have done with less salt, I really liked the kale salad.  I’ve made raw kale salads before, but theirs was special.  I particularly enjoyed the crunch of the toasted breadcrumbs in their version.

Afterward, we headed to Casa Loma, where we did not dance nearly enough to make up for our huge dinner!  Casa Loma was a first for me.  It’s a special place because it’s where Matthew’s grandparents (married for over sixty years now!) first met.  I imagine we’ll return, though we may to brush up on our ballroom dance steps at home first.

Saturday was a typical Matthew and G at the garden, me getting stuff done around the apartment, day, though that won’t be the case for much longer, with the garden mostly put to bed for the winter.

Sunday morning, Matthew and Gabriel headed out to Cedar Hill, near where Matthew grew up, to visit a family friend and buy some dried beans and other assorted goodies from his friend’s farm.

In the afternoon, we attended our first local CyclingSavvy “Advanced” session in St. Louis, an informal gathering for CyclingSavvy StL grads to share experiences and trouble-shoot challenges as a group.  It was great to see familiar faces and meet some new people, and we had some good discussions.

In the works

  • Milling corn — trying a friend’s grain mill
  • Skillet cornbread
  • Vole trouble — pestilence in the garden
  • Third cup’s a charm?

Hope to get these written sooner rather than later, but we’ll see!

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