St. Pat’s pancakes

When I saw this recipe for green pancakes over at A Veggie Venture last week, I immediately added it to my weekend to-do list.   Sure, St. Patrick’s day is today, but weekday mornings and making special breakfasts don’t mix too well.

Instead, I did the prep Saturday afternoon (mixed the wet ingredients and the dry ingredients), and we cooked them on Sunday morning, with plenty of leftovers for today.

I used frozen spinach instead of fresh (a loosely packed cup), reduced the yogurt by 1/3 cup, and used 2 eggs plus 2 T. vegetable oil (original recipe is 1 c. yogurt, 1 egg, and no oil).

These bring back fun memories of St. Patrick’s Day dinners with my Grandma Joan, where everything that could be green, was: the water, the butter, the schaum tortes . . . she really went all-out!

These days, I prefer to avoid artificial food colorings, and, while it wouldn’t work for everything (e.g., spinach probably isn’t a great way to make green vanilla pudding — or is it???), spinach worked like a charm for the pancakes!

They came out nice and green, and didn’t taste spinach-y at all.  If you’re not into corned beef and cabbage, whip up a batch of these for dinner tonight, along with some spinach-green eggs!  Or make them this coming weekend, to celebrate spring.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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