Suddenly September

Some parents complain that August just drags on — seemingly endless summer days until school starts again, with frequent complaints of “I’m bored” from the peanut gallery.  That wasn’t our experience.  Between dealing with G’s broken leg and finalizing plans for my return to school, the month of August flew by.

In the first meeting of one of my dietetics classes, the professor asked us to go around and introduce ourselves by stating our name and the most fun/exciting thing we’d done over the summer, and I drew a complete blank.  A big ol’ nothing.  The two-and-a-half weeks since Gabriel had broken his leg were so intense and draining that everything prior to that (i.e., June and July) was just a blur, a faint and distant memory.

So here we are in September.  I am two weeks into the semester and feeling pretty good about pursuing dietetics as a profession.  I enjoy the material and the science and math that go along with it.

I am also enjoying the challenge of increased bicycle mileage.  I am pretty sure that I’ve been on my bike every day for the past 15 days (there’s one Saturday morning that I don’t quite remember whether or not I ran errands), for a total of 133 miles.  That’s quite a bit more than I’d been doing, and it’s apparently enough bike time that I’m now doing bikey things while OFF the bike, like almost using an arm turn signal when walking through a building on campus yesterday — that wouldn’t have looked weird at all, right?

We had another check-up with G’s surgeon yesterday, and everything looks good.  He’s been completely off of pain meds for almost a week now.  We are just over 4 weeks out, and G is finally starting to walk, with a lot of assistance/support (holding onto our hands plus furniture), though most of the time he still just scoots around on the floor.  He’s also enjoying riding his tricycle.

We go back for another check-up in a month, at which point the doctor might recommend some PT (depending on G’s gait), and we’re hoping to have the nails removed in December.

In case August didn’t have enough excitement, we ended the month with a bit of activity on the house-hunt front.  We made an offer on a house, but failed (so far?) to reach an agreement with the seller.  Then, last Thursday, I took a different route to school, and saw a For Sale sign in front of a [previously off-market] property that we’d been interested in for awhile.  It seemed like fate — I’d just happened to take that route right after negotiations on the other property had ended, and, as it turned out, just five days before bids on this property were due.

We soon discovered that this latest property was a bit of an odd-ball, not really set up for standard home buyers.  After a bit of back and forth with our Realtor and a third party, we figured out a round-about way to get our foot in the door on the bidding.  We have no idea how many people we’re competing against or what those other offers will look like, so now we just wait.

Adding moving to what already feels like a crazy next few months is not exactly my idea of a good time, but after house hunting for over six years, we can’t really pass up a good opportunity due to “inconvenience.”  Moving will likely be a pain whenever it happens, and we’ll just have to deal with it when the time comes.  And, in reality, there’s a decent chance that that time will NOT be now.

So, now that we’re in September, what’s the most fun or exciting thing YOU did over the summer?  Or what are you most looking forward to with fall approaching?


  1. Tracy says:

    Even though it is the year of that sheet for us it has been the year of the dog in the chickens. We acquired both the summer being as busy as well as very entertained. I’ve also found a Cannon ferment more things which has been fun for me

  2. Tom Armstrong says:

    I’m saddened. You didn’t think to say “I met these two colleagues from Louisville KY during a really fun social bike ride!” 🙂

    1. Tom Armstrong says:

      I mean, meeting some of my colleagues in Saint Louis during that fun social bike ride was certainly a highlight of MY summer!

      1. Melissa @ HerGreenLife says:

        See, Tom, that was a really fun thing, but I could think of nothing in that moment. I’m sure it would have been extra memorable for the class if I mentioned our attire on said ride!

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