No rest for the weary

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the fabulous produce coming in from the garden and from farmers’ market purchase, but dealing with it all is A LOT of work, and it just doesn’t seem to stop.  The fridge can only hold so much, and fresh produce only stays good for so long — a demanding combination!

I spent significant portions of the last two days dealing with the influx (and more time being very stressed about it).  I’ll share just a sample of the craziness.

I chopped and blanched carrots for freezing.  We grew 10+ pounds of carrots in six square feet of garden space — not a bad yield!

I roasted eggplant to make baba ghanoush.  (By the time I finished with everything else yesterday, I didn’t have the energy to actually make the baba ghanoush, that’s on the list for today.)

An axe or circular saw would have been an appropriate tool for splitting this spaghetti squash.  Fortunately, that was the hardest part.  I transformed the squash into a dish that was a huge hit at the vegetarian potluck last night 🙂 (stay tuned for the recipe, another simple and delicious creation).

Speaking of the vegetarian potluck, our friends created some fabulous dishes —  so fun to try new things and share ideas and inspiration!  Mmm, the green chutney.  The chef intended it to top the dumplings, but I intentionally ended up with green chutney on about half the food on my plate.

Now it’s back to the kitchen for this girl.  First to scratch up some lunch, then to tackle that baba ghanoush.