I live in a city that likes its free outdoor entertainment in the summer — musical theatre, concerts, festivals, movies in the park — you name it, we’ve got it, for the low price of zero dollars!  Taking advantage of all of the offerings, especially on weeknights, is somewhat challenging.

Our average night looks something like this: bike home from work, rush to prepare dinner, eat dinner, leave dishes all over the kitchen, get snacks together for event, bike to event.  I arrive a little frazzled and a lot sweaty.

Last night, we made it easier by dining out at a restaurant near work before the show and then heading straight to the park for “The Music Man.”  It was lovely, no rushing, no frazzling, and to top it all off it was below 80 degrees (Here! In July!), so the sweaty was kept to a minimum.

By the time the show was over (WAY past my bedtime), it was even cooler.  I had a few tunes from the show stuck in my head, one being “Seventy-six Trombones,” and the other, “Shapoopie.”  I biked home alternately humming the former and singing the latter.  It was a great night for a bike ride.

“Shapoopie, shapoopie, the girl is hard to get.  Shapoopie, shapoopie, but you can win her yet.”

Before we fell asleep, I asked my husband if I was his shapoopie.  He laughed and said the correct lyric was “shaboobie.”  This morning, I settled the matter with the help of the internet, and I was on the right track with the p’s.  Shipoopi!


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