We are trying to sell my car, and I had really hoped to do so before July to avoid renewing my registration and jumping through hoops.  This city/state has A LOT of hoops to jump through in order to renew a vehicle registration.  Personal property tax receipts.  Personal property tax waiver (if you did not own personal property in the last two years).  Safety inspection.  Emissions inspection.  Proof of insurance.

We’ve been trying to sell the car, since, oh, March, and despite a few nibbles, it was obvious that I would still own the car at the end of the month. So I started jumping through hoops.

In the process, I found some fine print that said that cars driven less than 12,000 miles in 2 years (with acceptable documentation of said mileage), could qualify for a waiver of exemption from the emissions inspection.  In theory, I support emissions inspections — a tool to detect problem vehicles and make repairs to reduce pollution — great, right?  Sure, except for the fact that all cars made in 1996 and before are exempt.  In other words, all of the OLDEST vehicles, the ones, MOST LIKELY to have emissions problems, do not have to be inspected.  While my car, my nice little 2003 Corolla, has to be tested every two years.  Until now.

In the last two years (and one month), I put just over 8,000 miles on my car.  I applied for and received my emissions test exemption.  I saved $24 (the price of the inspection) and gained the satisfaction of skipping their flawed inspection process.  So while I’m not too happy about having the car, at least the registration renewal process, the jumping through the hoops, was fairly painless this time around.  Whew!

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